MarketGraphicsĀ® Custom Services

The wide array of standard MarketGraphics® reports provide clients with the right amount of information for a particular challenge. However, there are often times when very specific residential real estate issues need additional analysis by our network of industry professionals. Make the most of MarketGraphics® Custom Research Services for real-world business solutions to minimize risk and increase opportunity for your projects.

MarketGraphics® Custom Research Services incorporates the best research systems, real-life insights, solid forecasting, and a world class team into well-reasoned, viable solutions! We are committed to understand your needs and to discover the best opportunities for your projects; and that means almost any need, anywhere, and any type of project!

Want to know Clients that are using MarketGraphics® Custom Services?

  • Senior Housing Developers/Operators
  • Resorts and Destinations
  • Retirement Communities
  • Storm and Disaster Recovery Teams
  • City, County, and State Governments
  • Economic Developers
  • Mixed Used Developers
  • Engineering and Architectural Pros
  • Community Planners
  • Multi-family and Rental Developers
  • Utilities and Public Services
  • Retail and Commercial Developers
  • Family Trusts
  • Land Ownership Groups
  • Residential Developers
  • Homebuilders (S, M, L, XL)
  • Banking and Finance
  • Distressed Property Groups
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Educators (Pre-school through PhD)
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Groups
  • Student Housing Developers
  • Remodeling and Specialty Contractors
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers

Want to know MarketGraphics® Custom Services we provide?

Pre-formatted – Ready for Your Project

  • MarketPoint – Residential Rapid Review
  • Demographics Dig – Market/Site Specific
  • The Appraiser’s Friend – PMA Data Kit
  • Maps-on-Call – Your Site Show-off Kit

Custom – Research Built for Your Needs

  • Community Housing Needs Analysis
  • Market Opportunity Discovery
  • Mixed Use Development Studies
  • Retail Expansion and Opportunity Guide
  • Disaster Rebuilding Housing Guide
  • Real Estate Turnaround Study
  • Senior Housing Demand Study
  • Destination Community Demographics
  • Re-Energize Community Growth Program
  • Strategic Market Planning and Timing
  • Multifamily Opportunity Study
  • Utilities Opportunity Forecast
  • Site Specific Best Use Discovery
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Low Income/Workforce Housing Needs
  • Healthcare Demographics Needs Guide
  • Demographic Hot Spot Discovery
  • Education Services Forecast
  • Re-Start Economic Development Program
  • City and County Best Housing Strategies

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