Housing and Subdivision Analysis and MG Pro Online Service

The Housing and Subdivision Analysis (H.S.A.)Click here for a sample report.

This report is the most comprehensive of all reports published by MarketGraphics®. The H.S.A. offers an unparalleled comprehensive understanding of a specific market to give any builder, developer, banker, investor, supplier, agency or district an advantage in the marketplace. This report provides detailed statistics on building permits, starts, closings, unsold homes, developed and undeveloped lots, projected demand, interest rates, employment growth and population changes. The H.S.A. also provides strategic direction by identifying areas of opportunity in the market, suggested areas for development and areas of low home inventories by county and by MarketGraphics® area.

Easy-to-read maps with all the monitored sites accurately located by county and MarketGraphics® Area and numerically coded are included to ensure the user can visualize where housing activity is taking place.

Research Update Presentations –Presentations are provided with each four month market update to discuss market trends, give clients an opportunity to ask questions and ensure clients have a thorough understanding of the housing and development conditions. These on-site, group or webinar presentations are a great opportunity for clients to personalize the MarketGraphics® service to fit their needs. Additionally, clients are always free to call or email their local MarketGraphics® Associate with specific questions.

Personal Consulting – Clients frequently have housing and development questions after the presentations. Each MG Associate is ready to help with answers so clients can make the most of the vast amount of knowledge in each MarketGraphics® report at no additional charge.

MG Pro Online Service – In addition to printed reports, H.S.A clients have access to a combination of interactive web tools and more than 100 online reports at www.mgresearch.net. With this online access, clients can use the format that works best for them to make the most of all the data, information and insight provided by MarketGraphics®.

  1. The Housing and Subdivision Analysis (H.S.A.)Click here for a sample report. – An electronic version of this comprehensive report as described above is available to each H.S.A. client.
  2. The Federal Reserve vs. The Market ReportClick here for a sample report. – This concise report provides a “big picture” overview of long-term construction trends by comparing interest rates to the number of permits issued and employment rate. To complement the overview, detailed permit data is displayed by MarketGraphics® area on a year-to-date bar chart. This report is updated in the middle of the four-month report cycle.
  3. Permit ReportClick here for a sample report. – This report itemizes building permit activity and market share by county with monthly variations shown for multiple years. Clients use this monthly report to understand high-level trends and a detailed analysis of specific areas of the market.
  4. Risk Analysis ManagementClick here for a sample report. – The Risk Analysis Management (R.A.M.) report is a 25 (+/-) page report specifically designed to estimate the risk of building a home in any one of the MarketGraphics® areas at any of the 8 price-points. Imagine being able to see the projected risk rating (from 1 to 10) of a speculative home or new development in which you want to invest in or build! Report Includes:
    • Risk Rating of starting a speculative home at a price-point in a specific MarketGraphics® area
    • Metro-wide permit, start, occupancy and forecast numbers
    • Developed lot inventory for each of the sub-markets
    • County-wide housing demand by price-point
    • Forecast of starts and developed lots needed
    • Subdivision audit numbers for each subdivision in one MarketGraphics® area
  5. Interactive Mapping – This powerful tool allows clients to create individual site reports from specific, user-defined geographic areas and export the reports into other documents in a number of formats. These mapping tools use the latest technology to combine mapping programs with current MG data for the ultimate in information customization. MG Pro® mapping gives clients access to both historical and forecasted market data in multiple categories such as developed and undeveloped lots, the number of homes under construction or number of finished unoccupied homes. Most importantly, MG Pro® makes it easy to completely understand the local housing market.

For further program details, please contact us at info@mgresearch.net or 615-371-2282.


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