What others are saying

Community South Bank
“MarketGraphics® is a tool we use in looking at construction and development loans.  The information is used to look at inventory levels along with demand levels for the near future.  This gives us valuable information to assist us in our decision making.  The maps with subdivision locations are also useful in determining whether a property is in a desirable location.  We have used the services of MarketGraphics® for several years and have found the service very beneficial and the staff to be very helpful, especially if we needed a special report or additional information.

NVR, Inc.
"We have used the MarketGraphics® reports for over ten years.  We have always found the data extremely helpful in our planning process.  The personnel are always helpful especially in developing special reports that are more specific in nature than the standard report. The time saved having them extrapolate the information and present the results in an easy to read format is worth its weight in gold."

Branch Banking & Trust
"BB&T finds MarketGraphics® to be a valuable tool when beginning to underwrite all new construction loans. It is a quick reference to assess the supply and demand of homes not only within a particular segment of the county but also across various price point strata."

The Schneider Corporation
"The information MarketGraphics® provides has been invaluable in helping us better understand the present and future market dynamics.  Their expertise and depth of knowledge gives us a distinct advantage over our competition in identifying strategic opportunities within each of our respective markets."

Centex Homes
"Centex Homes and MarketGraphics® have had a 25+ year relationship within the Nashville Market.  We have come to not only rely on the strategic importance of the information from MarketGraphics® for land decisions, but also the personal advice and experience of Edsel Charles."

ParkTrust Development, LLC
"The information we have received from MarketGraphics® over the last several years has been invaluable to our company.  We always ask Edsel about certain areas and market conditions before making any major decisions."

"The new single family residential construction market is constantly changing in the local area. The data provided by MarketGraphics® is the only source of reliable information at the subdivision level to help the decision making process."

Beazer Homes
"In the climate of today's market it is more important than ever to obtain the most accurate information available to project future expansion opportunities. Over the years we have depended on the information provided by MarketGraphics® to insure that we were making the best decisions concerning potential absorption, pricing and competition in various areas.  The information provided in the reports available is priceless."

Pinnacle Financial Partners
“The information supplied by MarketGraphics® is critical in our everyday loan approval decisions, as well as our short and long term planning.  MarketGraphics® has been a valued partner for over 15 years.”


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