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Who We Are
MarketGraphics Research Group, Inc. is a recognized leader in new home market research providing comprehensive new home and residential development research, forecasting data and consulting services to a diverse client base. Founded by Edsel Charles in 1988, MarketGraphics has become one of the largest privately-owned research companies of its kind in the United States.

As it has from day one, MarketGraphics offers a highly personalized service aimed at providing clients’ a well-reasoned structure to their strategic planning efforts. The MarketGraphics team utilizes its’ proprietary market data to help clients use their competitive strengths to have the most success in the housing and development market.
Our Purpose
MarketGraphics’ number one priority is to help clients reach their financial goals with all the data, wisdom and observational insight gathered since 1988.

As market shifts occur, MarketGraphics helps clients understand fundamental market indicators that consistently illustrate an improving or declining housing market.

One of MarketGraphics’ signature strengths is forecasting. A combination of forecasted demand and projected supply supports its clients’ efforts to strategically position their companies. 
The Clients We Serve
Builders | National, Regional and Local
Building Manufacturers and Suppliers
Commercial Real Estate
Financial Institutions
Home Builders Associations
Investment Companies
School Boards

MarketGraphics Market Name Publication Schedule
Alabama Coast & Florida Panhandle AL & FL Jan/May/Sep
Greensboro Triad Region, NC Jan/May/Sep
Kansas City Metro, KS & MO Jan/May/Sep
Knoxville Metro, TN Jan/May/Sep
North & South Carolina Coastal Region, NC & SC Jan/May/Sep
Des Moines Metro, IA Feb/June/Oct
Georgia & South Carolina, Coastal Region, GA & SC Feb/June/Oct
Huntsville Region, AL Feb/June/Oct
Jacksonville Metro, FL Feb/June/Oct
Montgomery County, TN Feb/June/Oct
Nashville Metro, TN Feb/June/Oct
Birmingham & Tuscaloosa, AL Mar/July/Nov
Chattanooga Region, TN & GA Mar/July/Nov
Memphis Metro, TN, MS & AR Mar/July/Nov
St.Louis Region, MO & IL Mar/July/Nov
Virginia Central, VA Mar/July/Nov
Charleston, SC Apr/Aug/Dec
Indianapolis Metro, IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Louisville Metro, KY & IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Omaha/Lincoln, NE & IA Apr/Aug/Dec