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Explore SolutionsReports, Tools and MG Exclusives
While various MarketGraphics reports and services differ in scope and/or level of detail, they all have one thing in common: they provide the right level of accurate detail to give each client an advantage in the marketplace. Reports and services are suited for small and large companies with wide-ranging budgets.
Market Evaluation
An array of report and service packages is available in field audited metro areas. Packages range from high-level strategic reports to highly detailed data and consulting.

“MarketGraphics puts boots on the ground in all of the active field audited subdivisions. MarketGraphics predictive skills concerning the macro economy as well as individual markets are absolutely spot-on.”
Custom Market Studies
These comprehensive research studies are used by clients as a continuing guide for planning, financing, market evaluation, design development, risk control, demographics, PR, marketing, and sales.

“MarketGraphics insightful research data is one of the key drivers for all my major decisions.”
-Brighton Builders
Strategic Planning Consulting
MarketGraphics has developed multiple report and service packages that specifically focus on long-range strategic decision-making. In addition, clients can add personal consulting to address their long-range strategic concerns.

“For more than 20 years MarketGraphics has been an integral part of our business planning and forecasting.”
-Warren Brothers
Risk Analysis Assessment
Quantifying and Analyzing a developer’s or builder’s risk is one of the MarketGraphics’ Exclusives and a “must have” for industry professionals for over three decades.

“We will not approve a loan without reference to their data. Our Federal Examiners are also pleased that we are using 3rd party data to back up our decision-making process.”
-Pinnacle Financial Partners
Client Interactive Tools
Clients can customize how they see and use the in-depth data collected in every field audited data with on-demand map and report creation.

“MarketGraphics data gives valuable insight into current inventory and trends. Their unique forward-looking perspective is helpful for all decision makers to assess risk and opportunity.”
-True Homes USA
GIS Services
Our Mapping Data Analysis System provides a variety of custom mapping products. This MarketGraphics Exclusive is a feature that truly illustrates a wide range of real estate related topics.
“The quality of one’s map depends on data, details, and how well it communicates with your needs. I’ve personally used MarketGraphics for over 10 years to help guide the path of our companies.”
-CopeGrand Homes
MarketGraphics Market Name Publication Schedule
Alabama Coast & Florida Panhandle AL & FL Jan/May/Sep
Greensboro Triad Region, NC Jan/May/Sep
Kansas City Metro, KS & MO Jan/May/Sep
Knoxville Metro, TN Jan/May/Sep
North & South Carolina Coastal Region, NC & SC Jan/May/Sep
Des Moines Metro, IA Feb/June/Oct
Georgia & South Carolina, Coastal Region, GA & SC Feb/June/Oct
Huntsville Region, AL Feb/June/Oct
Jacksonville Metro, FL Feb/June/Oct
Montgomery County, TN Feb/June/Oct
Nashville Metro, TN Feb/June/Oct
Birmingham & Tuscaloosa, AL Mar/July/Nov
Chattanooga Region, TN & GA Mar/July/Nov
Memphis Metro, TN, MS & AR Mar/July/Nov
St.Louis Region, MO & IL Mar/July/Nov
Virginia Central, VA Mar/July/Nov
Charleston, SC Apr/Aug/Dec
Indianapolis Metro, IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Louisville Metro, KY & IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Omaha/Lincoln, NE & IA Apr/Aug/Dec